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Deep Lever is a boutique music label that specializes in the release of various ambient, downtempo and atmospheric electronica. We are a digital label/netlabel hybrid. The label was started by artist Michael Bross, who has created music for video games in the Oddworld series.

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Deep Lever
by Michael Bross

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A track from artist Michael Bross from his upcoming "Subway Meditations" album to be released on July 14, 2009. This track, like the rest of the album, uses actual field recordings that Bross captured while riding the LA and San Francisco subways. For notes on the album, go to this page:
Topics: ambient, melancholy, textural, soundscape, moody, electronic, electronica, atmospheric, haunting,...
Deep Lever

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"Oceans And Atmospheres" is Deep Lever's first compilation which focuses on electronic ambient and downtempo tracks. Artists on the release: Unius, Tom Lynn, Kress, Steve Burkholder, The Heavy Skies, Dino Dumandan and Michael Bross. Tracks 1. Incantations Of Incandescence -Dino Dumandan 2. Dystop- Kress 3. Parallel Worlds- Tom Lynn 4. Subway Meditations 09 ("Ocean" Version)- Michael Bross 5. Lights In The Clearing- Unius 6. One More Time- The Heavy Skies 7. Silent...
Topics: ambient, downtempo, dreamy, electronic, idm, textural, soundscape, atmospheric